Thanksgiving week-END in Pictures

Abel's first time ever meeting Santa. He was impressed.

Steele usually cried and wouldn't have anything to do with Santa but when he saw Abel sitting and talking to him, he felt better about him so he sat on his lap :-)

This is my new Christmas tree that my sister bought me for Christmas. It's a slim tree, and pre-lit! I haven't had a new tree since E was a baby! And I got enough ornaments for the entire tree for $50 at Hobby Lobby too! My mom also bought me some towels which I desperately needed!

I got the kids to pose by the tree in their new PJ's.

I like both of these pics.

My sissy went back today. I miss her already. We had a great visit.

Daurie, Kandi and Karen with Donna. Aren't these some hot looking ladies?

Karen me and Kandi.

My niece Candice, her HUSBAND Shaun and their baby Bayla. Yes, they got married a couple months ago and didn't tell anyone.

Karen and her new man, Tracy.

So, I am exhausted from this Thanksgiving week. I had lots of fun with family and friends so it's worth it.


Karen said…
Thank you! I had so much fun. Your family always makes me happy. We will talk soon.
Anonymous said…
Your mom wasn't there?

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