The other night my sister and I went to see Precious. It's still haunting me. It is a raw movie and a great movie. I will be shocked if it doesn't win a lot of awards at the Oscars. The problem with this movie though is it may be too raw and realistic for some viewers.

If Monique doesn't win an Oscar for her portrayal of Precious' mom, it will be a travesty. Her portrayal of this horrible women was so powerful, the mother was so evil and also a victim of her own history. You get to see so clearly how cycles of welfare and abuse have to be broken.

I have a friend that hated it. She thought it was awful. It has REALLY bad language, the subject matter is dark and heavy but there is hopeful under tones and that is what makes this movie a wonderful one to me. See Precious is just like SO many girls I know through working at the Dream Center. Her story is not a lot different then many of them. I love movies that take people into another world, one that seems unimaginable, unreal, but one that is very real and true to way to many girls in the inner city.

I think this movie will inspire girls caught in abusive families to speak out about any abuse they are suffering and to see that what they may think is normal behavior in their homes, isn't and should not be tolerated.

Another powerful message conveyed in this movie to me was that for those of us who work with Inner city teens or kids, we need to do what we can, believe in one person that no one has ever believed in. Encourage them, offer them love and hope, help them to see past the abuse and into the future. It made me feel even stronger about the importance of mentoring.


Natalie said…
I DIDN"T HATE IT!!! It was hard to watch. The mom making her earn her lunch.... ahhhhh.
jennifer maggio said…
I agree with most of what you said. I think it was TOO raw for some viewers. I work in that every day and had to get up and leave the movie to go to the bathroom at one point, b/c I thought i'd vomit. It's pretty graphic. One part of me loved the realistic portrayal of the characters and it put a visual to what I hear all the time (and have experienced).......but the other side of me thought that it would be a "violation" to some who have never worked in this environment or experienced it themselves. A group of teens laughed the entire movie behind us and I KNEW it was because they experienced these same things and simply didn't know how to handle it. It was a terrible date night movie!

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