Orphan Sunday-weekend

Yesterday, Aimee and Tommy Poche, who lead His Heart for Orphans, the Adoption ministry that we are apart of at HPC, received an award of recognition from the state of Lousisana for their work with the Foster Care System and adoption! Click HERE to read all about it. I am so proud of them. They are paving the way for many to follow and I am blessed to be a part of what God is doing for Orphans through the His Heart for Orphans ministry.

AND then last night at church Stephanie and Randy Rhoner dedicated baby Hayes (miracle story, they had been through 6 failed adoptions in the last three years!) and Heath and Dina Slack dedicated baby Grayden. It was a wonderful start to Orphan Sunday weekend.

Dina and Heath Slack with Jacob, Olivia, and new baby Grayden. whom they just adopted.

Randy and Stephanie Rhoner with Hayden, Kaylee and new baby Hayes.

Pastor Dino and Pastor Johnny Greene praying over the families.

And below are some pictures from today at the Dream Center. My life is full. I am a former Orphan whom God adopted. I received the grace of a beautiful marriage, a miracle daughter by birth, an adoption miracle baby, an adoption miracle 7 yr old Orphan and a niece who lives with us. And it all just makes me want more kids.

Helping Orphans, from sponsorship to adoption, to funding a Care Point or and Orphanage, all these things will make YOUR life better, while at the same time make THEIR life better.

This Orphan Sunday the miracle of adoption fills my heart in so many ways.

Family picture: Steeele, Me, Dean, Abel, Megan, Evangeline.

Evangeline kissing Abel. She so loves her little brothers.

Me and Dean. I love him.


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