New Moon

My sister and I went to see New Moon last night. We wanted to see Blind Side but it was sold out. I have not read any of the Twilight books. Evangeline has read them all and she would give me a synopsis of each chapter she read, so I feel like I read the books.

I liked the first Twilight ok. I felt it played like a Life Time teen drama or some crap they would play on Disney. You know, kinda along the lines of Hanna Montana. But it wasn't super awful. New Moon took tween stupidity to another level. Bella is the most unlikeable female lead character of all times if you ask me. Kristin Stewart has only two facial expression, pain and more pain. That gets really old after, say 30 minutes of just that in reaction to everything.

Edward is stunning. Period. Robert Pattinson was so Elvis fine in the first movie but even he has lost his appeal, mainly because his lines are pathetic and he is no longer rockin the Elvis Pompadour hair, cool points way down.

But there is Jacob. The teen dream Taylor Lautner. He actually is the only person who can act in this love triangle. His character is funny, sweet, and has at least a little depth to it. When he turns into a Warewolf, things look like they are gonna finally get interesting. But no, the writers let even that fall off to a flat note.

The Vultari also seem like they will spark this movie, but that scene last for all of 5 minutes in the torturous two and a half hour movie.

Of course Megan and Evangeline can't believe how much I didn't like New Moon. Megan is team Edward, Evangeline has always been team Jacob. I am team Carlisle since we are picking teams cuz' Carlisle is the Vampire dad who is a doctor and takes in Orphaned Vampires to raise as his children and teach them how to not eat people. Wait, why are we picking teams again?

I remember The Outsiders, I had 130 posters of Matt Dillion on my walls cuz' I loved him so much after that movie. And when I was little and Grease came out, we all had to dress like Grease characters at Halloween. So, I get the teen crushes on movie stars and movie characters but what bothers me about Bella and Edward is they are sour, boring, I want to die, kinda people. They sulk, hate life and only live for each other. Uck! And even worse, I think this movie plays into that bull crap women believe about not choosing who we love. We do get to choose and we don't have to lose our souls to be with the person we choose to love, only the ones we are in bondage too, like Bella is to Edward.

I could go on and on about the stupidity of what this is teaching young girls but instead, I think I will go talk to Evangeline and Megan about it. That is one thing that is good about movies like this, they give moms a chance to talk to teens about the realities of relationships. Love, friendship, choice and how not to lose our souls in the process.


Anonymous said…
mmmm I'm sorry, but I have to strongly disagree. And the only reason I say this is because it's a FICTIONAL story. I mean, werewolves, vampires? You honestly don't believe it's supposed to be taken seriously. Also, the movies themselves are AWFUL representations of the books. I mean, Twilight (the movie) was just a disgrace to the book. I almost cried it was so awful. I think you should read the books before you go criticising it, ya n00b. I'm tired of people saying that Twilight is such an awful series, it really isn't. The only people that say that are the people that have only seen the movies. Don't go preaching about things you have no idea about.

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