Life in the fast lane

My weekend consisted of trying to get back into life as usual after being at the Story conference for four days. I have never gone away from my entire family, for even one day, much less four. I came home to a clean house, sweet husband and children and a day to rest and recuperate. It all was such a blessing.

Going to Story inspired me greatly. I really pray I can go back again next year. And being with Donna Frank and Natalie Spera at the conference was an added joy. We are all so completely different and we had a blast. I am so honored to call these two ladies my friends.

Meetingh with Carolynn Twietemeyer and Melinda Devonouge of Project Hopeful the Tuesday before Story really inspired my heart. It's like they were part of my conference experience because talking with them about Ethiopia and HIV+ adoptions, was just as educational, inspiring and God ordained as was the conference. My favorite speakers at the conference were Dave Gibbons, Chris Seay, Donald Miller and Skye Jathani who did a workshop. I have also been reading Skye's book, The Divine Commodity ( I will be writing a review of this book soon) and it is rocking my world! It is so speaking to me right now, where I am and where I am headed. I love when God drops a book into your life that confirms your path.

The cool ladies I got to go to Story Conference with, the people I got to spend time with there, the speakers that spoke to my heart and the book God has me reading, all have been a great blessing from My father and I am so grateful He allowed me to do it.

He's been dealing with me for a bit about somethings I need to change. It's hard because when I say yes to something it's because I really love the idea of it, I want to do it, but that doesn't mean God wants me to do it. I gotta make some changes in my life that are hard. I gotta learn to say "no" or "Let me pray about it" and really pray about it and find what God wants me to do before I commit to something. Time management, priorities, all that is hard for me cuz' I really do want to do it all..but I gotta do what He wants, that is where the blessing is, the life, the peace.

But after this time of refreshing, I can see clearer, I know what I need to do today and I feel more equipped to handle life in the fast lane.


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