Jambalaya for Adoption and Some Homeless People

Co-authored by Aaron Domingue

Meghan and Chris Matt sold Jambalaya to raise money for their adoption of Moses, a 3yr old orphaned boy they are in the process of adopting from Uganda. But the cool thing is they had sold all of it, yet they had three huge containers of it left over, so Meghan called and asked if BRDC wanted to pass it out to the homeless, and of course we did. Aaron Domingue, who works at the Dream Center, got some after school volunteers together and they headed out to the normal homeless outreach spots.

Isiah 58:9 and Deut. 15:11 are a couple scriptures Aaron thought of when considering the miracle of today. The Matt's raised over $2000 selling Jambalaya to bring Moses home, an Orphan who God so wants to have a family (Psalms 68:6) and God did a loaves and fishes miracle on the Jambalaya so some homeless people could eat tonight.

God is good, yay?

This is three of the After school volunteers, and Aalyiah, on of the kids, getting the left over Jambalya ready to go.

Aaron with two homeless ladies that the BRDC Cafe team have been helping. They live under the overpass.

A family that is living in their car under a bridge. Volunteer said "hey, we have Jambalya" and the family cheered!

The kids took a liking to Aaron, but how could they not? (Aaron is sitting here and he made me say that)

The Matt's are still raising money to complete their Adoption of Moses. If you would like to help them bring their son Moses home, you can email them at meghanmatt@gmail.com and click HERE to check out their blog for updates on the adoption.


Elysa said…
Awesome! God once multiplied the loaves for us in Swaziland, but it was with hotdogs! ;D

Glad MY God is still in the miracle pfovision business.

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