Homeless Outreach-Rescue and Restore

Today I went to homeless outreach. The No Place Outreach team found that they were encountering more are more Prostitutes that were homeless. As a part of the Rescue and Restore Coalition, I now go to Homeless Outreach to meet with and try to help these ladies.

Today I met Brenda who had been badly beaten, her friend brought her to us out of the crack house where they trade sex for drugs. Georgia from Revelation House was also on outreach with us for the first time and she was able to take Brenda right away and help her. God certainly worked that out. Pray for Brenda that she can break free from the life that is killing her and pray for her friend, Laura, who brought her to us. Laura was very brave and I did get a chance to pray for her that God would keep her safe, help her leave the crack house and come to know Him.

We also discovered 20 people living under one over pass, the most that has ever been there. Just the other day there was a news story on one local station about how police were going to clear out all the homeless from that area, they said they were going to run them all off, but instead this morning, the cops brought them all Pizza.

This is Lawrence, he looks and sounds just like Morgan Freeman. He lives under the overpass.

Sandra lives on North Blvd. She doesn't want to live anywhere else. Today she had soiled her pants, the No Place Team just so happen to be bringing her some new sweat pants.

The team getting ready to serve it up under the Mississippi River Bridge.

Megan and Evangeline get to serve the Homeless with these amazing ladies, Julie, Tecca, Ellen and Barbara.

Guys that live on the Levee..

Serving up Grits, Eggs, Biscuits, juice, coffee and Hot chocolate. Also handing out socks.


Carey said…
Thats so awesome that you do that, Carole. And I'm so glad to here about the compassion of the police.

And, hey, before I read it I thought, Morgan Freeman is under there!

Thanks for being God's hands and feet.

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