High on Sharpie

I am laying in bed, my new used laptop on my knees. There is a sticker on this lap top that reads "Books not Bombs" placed there by the previous owner. Love it!

I was out until 2am last night because we had midnight outreach. I cleaned a house today that is MASSIVE!! I love that God is giving me new jobs, I clean two houses weekly and I'm very grateful for the work. E and Meg help me clean too. They are great. BUT today only E came with me cuz' those little Chickie's were out till 4am watching New Moon. They said it was very good. They are team Jacob and no, I don't think there is anything evil about the Twilight series. It's fiction, Ware wolves and Vampires..ok, no, I will save this topic for another post. But any way, they were very tired today.

After cleaning I came home and continued work on some signs we are making for the big HPC Thanksgiving outreach tomorrow. A lot of people from the Highland Road Campus are gonna be down in Funky Town delivering Turkeys and groceries to people that signed up for help this Holiday. Richard called Frank today and asked him if he could come serve tomorrow at the outreach. All very cool. Very very cool indeed.

My sister comes in tomorrow for the week. I can't wait! Then my dad comes for the day on Monday, my mom and niece with her new baby Bayla will arrive on Wednesday, and then on Thursday, we will go eat Thanksgiving at Karen's sister Kandie's house, Karen is coming with her new boyfriend Tracy, can't wait to meet him. So, This is gonna be a great week. A bunch of people will be around me that I am so thankful for.

My legs feel like tingly jello. I am old. I don't feel it inside, I still think I'm 17 sometimes, but my body feels it when I work hard and then come home to sniff Sharpie fumes while making posters. But since I got a headache from the Sharpie sniffing I chewed up some Aspirin. I love to eat baking soda and chew chalky Aspirin.

I leave you with one of my all time favorite Holiday songs. Click and enjoy.

Better Days - The Goo Goo Dolls


Carey said…
Ok, I'm smiling over here...I think you're high on the sharpies! ha! Keep on keeping on, girl!

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