The Divine Commodity

There are books that inspire us, books that convict our hearts, some entertain, some teach but then there are the ones that lead us by the hand deeper into where we are called to go. THIS was one of those books for me. It affirmed my course and gave me instruction for the next leg of the journey.

I don't want to say too much about the content (yea, some book review huh?) but I will leave you with several savory nuggets, quotes that I sent out via Twitter while I was reading it. I pray they wet your whistle and you go read this book. I think every American Christian should read this book. It is THAT good.

If you are a church leader or any kind, you should read The Divine Commodity by Skye Jathani. period. the end.

"Phil Vischer's epiphany while scouring thru debris of his ministry was that the Christian life wasnt bout impact:it was bout obedience"

"i had grown up drinkin a dangerous cocktail, mix of the gospel, protestant work ethic n the american dream.." Phil Vischer- Vegie Tales "..the lord may be among us in the form of a stranger, but we would never know it unless he filled out a response card." Divine Commodity

"Jesus does not have a scum filter He has a scum magnete" Skye Jathani, The Divine Commodity "shopping occupies a role in society that once belonged only to religion-the power to give meaning n construct identity"The Divine Commodity


Anderson Crew said…
I'm sold! Its going in my next Amazon order. Thanks!

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