As I am typing this post I am listening to "Authority Song" by John Mellencamp. It's a true classic. I know people now that every time they gripe to me about leadership stuff, I start hearing this song in my head. I know completely what it means to fight authority, come out grinning, but in the end, authority always wins.

My boss once told me "no matter where you go, you will always be there" In that moment I realized that all the trouble I had was not the other people but my inability to work with them. I was so completely guided by an independent spirit that I had no ability to see past having to always be right. Hard lessons are hard. I was raised without a father and by the time I was 17 I was living away from family and completely on my own, so the concept of learning from and submitting to authority was very foreign to me. I have fought authority and authority won. I feel like God has taught me some hard lessons in this area and is still teaching me. (go read all my post under the category "Unmedicated child birth while getting a root canal" to see the worst of it)

Here's the bottom line. God sets up authority. God. Not you. Not the devil. God. Jesus was not a rebel in the sense that so many rebel Christian's like to say he was. He embodied love, grace, forgiveness, NOT pride, attitude, selfishness, which are at the core of fighting the authority we are under. Jesus even said "give to Caesar what is Caesar's" The entire bible is full of stories about people having to submit to one another, to authority and mostly to God. When we think we know better then the person we are under and we start bad mouthing all we are doing is hurting our selves and dripping poison into the ears of people around us.

Here are a few things God spoke to me about authority:

-Don't jump on the ship and start trying to change the way the captain does stuff, you aint the mack daddy you think you is.

-The hard truth is, You are not the only person who hears from God or has a call to action on your life. Watch and learn.

-If you cant submit to authority, but want to lead yourself, how can you expect others to submit to you?

- Next time you start spilling the poison listen to how many times you say "I", that should be your first sign it aint God.

-Pride made Satan rebel against God. The bible says that Rebellion is as witchcraft.

Those are some things to think about.

A book that changed my life is "A Tale of Three Kings" by Gene Edwards. If you have authority issues, you should read this book. I often times have to ask myself, "right now, am I being a Saul, a David or an Absolom?"


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