Steele and Abel's first school pictures

Look at my baby boy!! He loves to show off that missing tooth that he knocked out while wresting a bear to the ground (just kidding. Break dancing). I can't believe he is 5!! He loves school and is doing great. The teacher said when I walked in for the parent teacher conference "Steele. That little stinker" ha! But she said he is good, obeys, helps, listens. I'm so proud of him.

And my boy Abel! Funny story, the photographer said "don't smile" like trying to make Abel smile, reverse psychology. But Abel doesn't quite get that whole reverse psychology concept yet so in this picture, he was attempting not to smile. He is doing so good in school. He is a math FREAK! Like never misses a problem, loves it. And he's catching on slowly with reading and writing English. Our language is hard! He LOVES school.

Abel and Steele in the morning getting up, putting on their little uniforms, making their beds, eating breakfast, giving me sleepy puffy faced lovin, walking to the end of the driveway to catch the bus, um, it just melts my heart! I can't imagine my life without them. Adoption is such a huge blessing. I feel sorry for people that never get to experience the wonder, the joy, the heart stretching love, it brings to a family.

It's amazing that the more we give love the more we can love and the more we can receive love.


Anonymous said…
I agree, adoption is amazing!!!!
lisa mccarter
Chantelle said…
I feel sorry for non-adopters too!!
Anonymous said…
OMG! they are so adorable. I want a 5X7 sent to me asap. Love Mom.
Chris Nick Joy said…
Gosh I love your boys. I remember Steele being so small, and Abel is one beautiful gift of God
Anonymous said…
Hello from Russia!
Can I quote a post "No teme" in your blog with the link to you?

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