Pray for Amos and Story

I only know these children through blogs. I have never met their parents, Aaron Ivey or his wife Jamie Ivey but I have followed their adoption journey for two years. That is how long they have been in the process of adopting these two beautiful children from Haiti. Yesterday Story, the baby girl, got her Visa and can now come home to America BUT she is now very sick. She needs a healing now. Please pray for her healing. Also, Amos has not gotten approved yet. So sadly, Amos will not be able to come home to America with his parents and his sister. As you can see, the devil is fighting this adoption HARD. We MUST pray and pray hard! God WILL be victorious in this.

Look at these babies, let them scar your heart and then pray for them to be healed and finally home. Every time you think of them, please pray.

Here is a link to Jamie Ivey's blog. Please check it out and leave her a pray or word of encouragement.


Chantelle said…
Thanks for sharing about her. I visited her blog and will follow her progress towards bringing her babies home. Praying!
thank you for your prayers. we are truly overjoyed at all the support we have gotten from people we don't even know. Thank you!

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