Pics from Story

I don't really have time to type all I would like about Story but here are some pics..

The drum line. AWESOME!!

Me and Natalie with Ben Arment. He is the creator of Story 09. Super great guy.

Natalie and Me with Carlos Whittaker.

Me with Carolynn Twietemyer and Melinda Devenouge. Melinda picked me up at the air port Tuesday morning and her, Carolynn and I spent the day Tuesday talking about Ethiopia, Adoption, HIV+ orphans, all that kinda great stuff. It was a super day. So grateful to these two amazing ladies for taking time to hang out with me and for lunch.

And Tuesday night I also got to hang out with Arianna, a childhood friend who now lives in Chicago. Thanks for dinner Ari :-)

I will blog more later, I'm using Natalie's computer and she's ready for bed. Check out my facebook page for more pictures.

The Workshops are tomorrow so I will be twittering bout them too.


HerstoryGirl said…
I am so jealous that you got to meet Ragamuffin!!!
Looks like a blast; maybe next year we will have to go together. =)
Karen said…

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