Livin' the ADOPTION Dream,Thank you HPC

The Live the Dream conference is over. I was only able to sit in on Bobbie Houston speaking once, which was great, and I was able to watch the Natalie Grant concert, and I did catch the song and dance routine at the end, which was very cute but that's all the sessions I was able to attend. BUT I still had a life changing, never forget time at the Live The Dream Conference this year because I had the privilege of working in the His Heart for Orphans booth to raise adoption awareness and money for families that want to adopt.

the images of the children in this picture are blurred for legal reasons but I wanted you to see how it was laid out.

We had poster size pictures hung all around the tent, of Orphans from all over the world, and the US foster care system, who are waiting to be adopted. On the bottom of each picture was their name, the country they live in and the adoption agency they could be adopted through. Anyone that came to the booth saw all these children. At one point last night, during one of the sessions, a lot of HPC staff guys were outside waiting for the next job to do and I looked up and about 5 of them were studying the wall of waiting children. I love it.

I also love that DURING Live the Dream two His Heart for Orphans volunteers brought home adopted children!!! On the first day of Live the Dream, Stephanie and her husband Randy had there court date finalizing the adoption of their baby boy Hayes after 6 failed adoptions. Hayes was with Stephanie when she was helping in the booth yesterday. And Dina, who worked the booth Thursday and Friday, and her husband Health, took home their new baby boy Greydon TODAY! How cool is that?

I also love that three ladies who are in the process of adoption came by and talked to us and I love that MANY ladies asked us about agencies, adoption cost, the process, and all kinds questions. We also had the opportunity to tell them how God will provide the funds. He is faithful. We know. We have ALL been there and had to walk that faith journey. I love how God uses what He has done in us and through us to encourage others. God is SO moving for Orphans!!

AFTER cost for the shirts and scarves, the HPC-His Heart for Orphans adoption grant fund made $1700 at the Live the Dream Conference!

AND Jason Laird, the HPC Student Ministries pastor said we can sell T-shirts one Wednesday in November at Epic for Orphan Awareness month!!

But honestly, none of this would be possible if not for our pastors Dino and Delynn Rizzo and Healing Place Church. Thank you for allowing His Heart for Orphans to have this booth at Live the Dream to raise awareness of the cause of orphans and raise money for HPC families that wish to adopt. And Johnny Green, your enthusiasm and support is such as ray of sunshine that does not go unnoticed by the His Heart for Orphans team. Thank you. I truly believe that God blesses HPC for many reasons but mostly because you extend your hand to the poor, the hurting, the lost, the widow and the orphan. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Anonymous said…
"God will provide the funds" Is that also what you tell young unmarried expectant mothers who are struggling to raise their baby themselves? How much of the money you raise goes to them to keep their families together?
Carole Turner said…
Absolutely I would Claire. My sister was 15 when she got pregnant with my nephew. If an unwed girl came to me and said she wanted to keep her baby but was afraid she couldn't do it financially, I would definately encourage her to seek her father God, believe he loves her, will provide for her because she is his beautiful daughter.
Carole Turner said…
Forgot to answer your question, none of the money we raise goes to girls wanting to keep their babies. We are an adoption ministry but we do partner with a single moms ministry led by Jennifer Maggio who herself raised two kids by herself till she married a few years ago. Our church even partners with a home for unwed mothers.

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