Livin' The ADOPTION Dream

This is the His Heart for Orphans Live the Dream booth crew. Cept' Megan, she was off eating when we took this picture. We are in the I Carry Hope tent outside the conference (see my last couple post for info about the tent) and we WERE selling scarves as well as T-shirts but the scarves are all gone!! 85 gone in like two hours! Praise God!! Cuz' all this money goes to start an adoption fund so we can provide grants for HPC families who want to adopt but feel that adoption expenses are just insurmountable.

Aimee, Stephanie, Dina, Natalie, Evangeline and Megan you are all the best people to work with!!

Me and Natalie Landry ( I know I got the double chin thing going but it's a good pic of Natalie and my shirt :-) She brought these scarves back from Ethiopia in September when she went to get her baby girl Olive. She used the same agency we did,

E helping that ladies pick a scarf. It was CA-RA-ZY!!

Table of shirts..

OH yea, if you want to order a T-shirt and you aren't at the conference, you will have to e-mail His Heart For Orphans at and tell them the size and color you want. We have white long sleeve and black, grey, and brown short sleeve. They are women cut, fitted T's. Like in the pictures above, I have on a large, so that can help you see how they fit. They sell for $20 plus shipping.

Will blog more later...


Chantelle said…
You guys look great and the shirts look nice! Hope you raise a TON!
Anderson Crew said…
That's AWESOME and everything is so beautiful and for such a great cause too!
Natasha said…
yeah I got this really pretty one for 25 dollars with my own money and it was this light bluey green color with this gold patter at each end and it was sooo pretty! I'm glad that I got something I really like that was helping a very good cause, since I want to adopt when I grow up.
Natasha said…
pattern at each end, my n key is kinda sticky.

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