I see Scarves and Shawls!!

My bedroom is command central for all things Scarves and Shawls!! We are sorting, tagging and ironing 90 of them!!

We are selling these beautiful exotic scarves and shawls in the I Carry Hope Tent, at the His Heart for Orphans booth, at Live The Dream Women's Conference, which is this Thursday through Saturday at HPC. All the profit goes to help us have an adoption fund so we can give grants to families at HPC who wish to adopt but need help financially.

They will sell for $15 to $30 depending on style, size and fabric.

Attached to each scarf is a card that tells the story of these scarves and why we are selling them:

"Your purchase of this scarf will enable us to provide grants to families wishing to adopt. These beautiful scarves were brought back from Ethiopia by the Landry family who had traveled there to adopt their baby girl Olive. Thank you and God bless you for helping Orphans."

If you are at Live the Dream, come by and purchase a scarf and we are also selling His Heart for Orphans T-shirts for $20 each. They are way cool and you will definitely want one!

And it's all for a great cause!!

Megan showing off one of the $30 shawls..

Evangeline flying away in a silk and Pashmina scarf for $30.

E lookin very Cosmopolitan in a Navy n Neutral scarf for $15.

The Mother Mary AKA Megan in a silk scarf for $20 and E blowing kisses to Africa in a satin scarf for $25.

Meg and E displaying yet another way these scarves can be worn.

The full effect of this beautiful scarf.

Abel and steel rocking the man scarves! $15


Erin Moore said…
Carole, I love how busy you guys are for the Lord! Amazing!!!
Wow those scarves are beautiful:-)
silk scarves said…
Wow! A lot of scarves! All are beautiful and not expensive.

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