I Carry Hope

I talked in my last post about the scarves we are selling at Live The Dream Women's Conference this weekend, as part of the His Heart for Orphans adoption ministries booth . Well our booth is just one of three booths in the "I Carry Hope" tent. We get to share a tent with:

Cyrus International Cyrus International (Cyrus) is a US non-profit organization with a goal of helping oppressed and hurting people across the world through projects committed to bring humanitarian aid and relief. Our core belief is not only to provide aid, but also to offer restoration, rehabilitation, and vocational training in order for these individuals to have a chance to succeed in everyday life.

I personally get to work closely with Cyrus because they are a part of Rescue and Restore Coalition.

HPC Mozambique Africa. Isaac and Carol Williams are a precious couple who have followed God's call to Mozambique Africa to establish a healing place for a hurting world. God has placed them in a very strategic area filled with needy children and families, all hungry for hope. Each week they have the opportunity to feed children, teach men and women necessary life skills, and lead a life-giving church. HPC Mozambique has grown into a thriving, lively campus full of people who are excited to live the life that God intended!

The conference is gonna be great. I know I will learn so much from the speakers. Chris Caine is one of my favorites. I know Natalie Grant will be amazing, I love her music. I know Charlotte Gamble and Bobby Houston will challenge me with the words they bring. I know I will laugh and be entertained, sing some great worship and feel Gods presence in the services BUT for me, I am most excited about the "I Carry Hope" tent and what it says to the world about where the people of HPC's heart is.

Please come to the "I Carry Hope" tent and buy a shirt from Cyrus, buy a shirt from His Heart for Orphans and a scarf or just donate to the adoption fund or Donate to the Mozambique campus, any or all of the above because when you do you will be a part of changing the world, making someones life better, someone who is imprisoned, afraid, alone, orphaned, hurting and hungry. You will be a part of giving the only real hope to the world which is Jesus.


Erin Moore said…
I couldn't find the t-shirts online - do you know if they're available online?

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