Follow, Unfollow, Tales from Twitter Purgatory

Twitter is weird. The genius who thought of it is well, a genius. I absolutely loved it when it first came out. Shoot, during Gustav I was like the Geraldo Rivera of Twitter, reporting even unverified, and later proven untrue things, as fast as I heard them via Twitter.

I use to Twitter like 30 times a day. It was bad. I was ranked "Nuclear" on the grading thing for Twitter. After losing MANY followers and being scolded by Jesus, I mean @daddygriffis several times, I decided to check my twitter self before I wrecked my Twitter self. I cut back to 16 or less a day. I put myself on a "Twit" diet. (Yes, I know I'm supposed to call it "Tweet" but I like "Twit" better). I then found myself asking self "Hey, who gives a crap about that? Seriously. Do you really NEED to twit that?" and next thing I knew I was down under ten twits a day..then some days..only one or two.

"Hey, hearing yourself talk isn't as impressive as you thought it would be huh?" Me to Me.

I guess also I had learned the hard way that 140 characters is not enough..and sometimes to much to say things in. Ah the paradox, the irony of having a little voice to much.

And then there is politics. Yes, that fickle little thing we call government, mixed with 140 character sound bites of opinions, make for a brand new world of getting-ticked-off-ness. SO, I start the game of Follow Unfollow..follow unfollow.

The Unfollow hall of fame:

A friend of mine from church. He's probably one of the funniest people I know. Him and His wife are pure gold. Wonderful people. He's a great teacher, preacher, Dog lover but I have unfollowed him two or three different times on twitter. He's so stinkin Conservative!! He says sarcastic mean things about Obama and any politics that are not 100% Rush Limbaugh worthy. I try..I really try not to take the bait..but sometimes I just can't fight the I have to unfollow.

My conspiracy friend. Did you see the movie Conspiracy Theory with Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts? my libertarian lovin conspiracy friend IS the Mel Gibson character. But his bait is easier to resit because it is obvious bait...I aint a stupid fish...most of the time. But I have also unfollowed this friend twice.

And sadly I have discovered that there are way to many friends of mine, that I worship with, who are Camo wearing, hunters, who love God, are Christians but who really get sick to their stomachs when the words Obama or Democrat are mentioned, so they use twitter to vent their frustration... and in turn I get back..and then I unfollow them. Yea, It's wacked. Cuz' then I struggle with forgiving their Twits.

The truth is. We are all so much more exposed now. We worship together, we are family, but now we get to hear 140 character snippets, all day long, of our off the cuff reaction to events, life, grace, mercy, love, hate. I have felt very sad knowing someone I respected and looked up to could be so ungracious. And I have had to repent many times for being so ungracious, angry and reactionary via the now infamous 140 characters. I unfollow leaders I respect so I can continue to respect them. That may be too honest for some of you reading this, but it's my reality. They think I'm a cool aide drinking Liberal and unfollow me, and I'm ok with that.

SO, like everything in life. We now have to submit our twits to our Lord. When is a reaction good? How can I walk in the grace I scream for and also stand up against injustice? THAT is my biggest dilemma. I feel Twitter can be used for good, and should be. I believe God gave me a fearless voice to be used and submitted to Him, even on Twitter. And that is my struggle.

I also believe that the people I have unfollowed, due to the fact they talk hateful about Obama, also believe THEY are speaking out against injustice. They believe they must say something...and so do I, so the dance continues.

Ah, the tongue or in this case the Twit is a flaming fire..catching all the trees a blaze.

Help me Jesus to Twit in love, grace and mercy and deliver me and all that claim to love you from Twitter Purgatory. Amen.


the Matt family said…
this is so funny- i am so like this! i unfollow people at the church who i respect, but whose tweets make my stomach turn. im not the most liberal, but i get sick of the uber conservative politics and obama bashing. it just gets old... plus the attitude it is spoken with reeks of pride, and it makes me literally nauseas....

so instead of harboring bitterness and anger towards them and losing all respect, i unfollow.

i dont mind a 140 character controversial thought here and there, but there are some people who beat the dead horse a little much.

im with you here, sister. and i am proud of your twitter transformation :)

Anonymous said…
I think when you comment from a worldly standpoint (political bias, party opinions, etc.) you automatically draw a line in the sand and declare a battle. When you comment out of love and grace and Christ's eternal purpose, then you can build a bridge of common ground. Beliefs rooted in God's Word and Christ's love are truth, they are not opinions. If you lift up a political party/politician as the answer, then you have hung yourself. If you lift up Christ, then you are salt and light.

Anderson Crew said…
I love this:

"Hey, hearing yourself talk isn't as impressive as you thought it would be huh?" Me to Me.

is that 140 characters? That is worth twitter time!

HerstoryGirl said…
Ok, I really love your honesty and transparency in this post. I just have one small issue with what you say here... and I think if you are honest with yourself, you will see that I am right and you need to repent...
So, here goes:
When you first started Twittering, it was WAY more than 30 times a day.
/That's all.
Shawn Wilson said…
Thanks for the comparison. Just one thing.....wasn't Mel Gibson's character right in the end? Just saying.


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