Funky Town today..

Diva's Angela Musso and Kristin Bailey. Two of the greatest ladies I get to stand on stage with and worship with!

Anrie Hayes, Key board player, music Theorist extraordinaire! And he TORE up the lead on "Stand up On Your Feet" today. AMAZING!!

Essence, serving the kids in the Pre-K class. She has a story, one day I will tell it cuz she is gonna beat all the odds in Jesus name!

Meg and Caroline Bouttee with Elijah. He's such a doll baby. All the ladies love him.. foreshadowing of things to come Esther?

This is just a cool pic. Yea, I pimped it a bit.

Steele with Ethan in their class..

Jordan leading BRDC Kids worship. He gets the kids to sing and Erica Doucet and Catalina really think it's funny!

Worship practice before service..

Yes I have on Pink shoes and I am reading Twitters..

Abel's church action shot!

Eric Doucet securing the surroundings!

Abel took this picture of Jordan by putting a Kaleidoscope on the lens of my camera. He's very creative.

The BRDC worship team sans Jordan. (from left to right: Danny, Arnie, Me, Frank, Sherod, Angela, Sean, Kristin, Josh)

Megan in a skirt from Ethiopia, Teala in the middle and Evangeline in PJ pants cuz' everything else hurt her scratched up legs.

My boys.

Life is not good it's wonderful!! Funky Town Forever!!


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