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Today I sat in on a conference call with Melissa Snow from Shared Hope International and I started to cry. She was talking about domestic victims of human trafficking, what questions to ask, how they will react, what situations they will be in, etc. I saw faces with every story she told and I thanked God I GET to do this. A call to Orphaned, abused and abandoned children is completely tied up in the fight against this modern day slavery.

Did you know that most girls that are trafficked start at age 13? Most are run aways?

The reason I get to be a part of these conference calls is because a new phase of this journey has begun. Like baby birds, my friend Summer and I have been pushed out of the comfortable nest by our amazing leader, Alliece Cole. Alliece has led Midnight Outreach since it started, Summer and I have been sponges under her, Donna Frank and Charity Trahan for over 2 years. Summer and I both have led the outreach when we were asked, and Alliece slowly gave us more and more responsibility. Well, Alliece is now the overseer for Rescue and Restore, which is a government grant funded coalition that reaches from Baton Rouge to New Orleans fighting Human Trafficking. Natalie Laborde, who formed Tigers Against Trafficking, is now the outreach coordinator for Rescue and Restore, Summer is now the team leader of Midnight outreach and Dean and I are the team leaders of a brand new outreach to Truck Stops. Dean and I will still help Summer with Midnight outreach, and Summer will be helping us with Truck stop and all of us are under Alliece cuz' she's in charge of Rescue and Restore...lots of exciting rearranging going on ;-)

When Alliece and Natalie said "We want to do an outreach to Truck stops" I was immediately drawn to it. Dean and I always said that when we got old and the kids were grown, we would sell everything, buy a big rig and travel the country. That way we could get lots of tattoos, live in our vehicle, earn a living, meet lots of great people and see this great country of ours.

I also now get to represent Rescue and Restore on Fridays at the BRDC Cafe which is the place where we direct many domestic trafficking victims that we encounter. I love that when I pull up to a prostitute on Airline Hwy or a transvestite on Plank Road, I can direct them to a place with resources to help them.

Your prayers would be greatly appreciated. Please pray for the entire Rescue and Restore coalition; Cyrus International, Shared Hope, Covenant House, Tigers Against Trafficking. Also pray for Summer and Midnight Outreach and please pray that Dean and I would be guided by the Holy Spirit in this new Outreach to Truck Stops.

Pray we can all be about the mission of Trafficking Hope.


Shared Hope International conducted an assessment in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, LA to examine the practices and procedures used to identify and deliver services to victims of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking- American children who are exploited for commercial sex. The Baton Rouge/New Orleans Assessment may serve as a springboard to action for the Human Trafficking Task Force and the community in order to prioritize the identification and protection of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking Victims.

In the face of many challenges, a diverse coalition of groups and individuals in Baton Rouge and New Orleans are tackling the issue of human trafficking. These professionals are engaging in notable levels of cooperation as they move forward to address the specific issue of American children who are involved in prostitution, pornography and other forms of commercial sexual exploitation.

Click the links below to download more information:

The Baton Rouge/New Orleans Assessment (full color)

The Baton Rouge/New Orleans Assessment (printer friendly)

The Baton Rouge/New Orleans Fact Sheet


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