Religion, Politics and Gretchen Wilson

I'm a 42 year old passionate Redneck.

I am a recovering Shopaholic. I started avoiding the mall as much as possible about a year ago, but then Ethiopia changed me forever, I will never look at the mall the same again.

I love and respect my Right Wing Republican friends and I get really sad when they tell me to "Grow up" just because I no longer agree with them. I've never said that to them even though I think their views are just as blind and uniformed as they think mine are.

And what to do with this passion? How do I balance what I feel I must say with what I just want to say? Sometimes when I feel like a minority it's hard to not go Gretchen on people. I consider running and hiding, but I never consider that for long. There is way too much fight in me for that.

So, I just turn off Twitter for a bit so I don't get ticked off at my friends.

Hysteria and fear are very tricky little devils. They snicker at us while dragging us into the darkest places of our nature.

I will always struggle with my mouth. It starts moving and making sounds sometime before I know it. It's like I can't contain things sometimes. The book of James was written just for me.

Speaking of the book of James, how about this economy? Freaky amount of joblessness, homelessness, and daily there are more needy, poor, and disillusioned. Between all that and Swine Flu, circumstances of life are really getting interesting to say the least.

A true test of faith is here, not coming, it's on.

Here, read some James with me, it's good stuff.


Leesavee said…
I understand, Carole! I struggle with my mouth, too. I can't understand why people get so caught up in freaky conspiracy theories and such when there are so many people who have NOTHING. No family, no food, no shelter, no clean water.

I "quit" a church (big, well known church which shall remain nameless) many moons ago (almost two decades!) because I had an appointment with the associate pastor, and all he wanted to talk about was how "well appointed" the new building was, how the lobby was designed by the same people who designed the Opryland Hotel. The whole place looked like a mall. All I could think about was how many people could have been fed with the money they spent on just the chandelier (!!!) hanging in the lobby alone.

See what I mean, Carole! I just can't keep my mouth shut!

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