I'M GOING TO STORY CHICAGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For those of you who don't know me, I DETEST conferences or retreats. I like my bed, my fan, my husband beside me, my kids in the next room. When I go to conferences I always think of what else I could be doing. Yea, I know shame on me. The only conference I have ever really enjoyed is Live The Dream here at Healing Place.

BUT when I read about this Story Conference..I so wanted to go. I jumped online and registered even though there was no money to pay for this conference...I knew if God wanted me there, He would provide...then I get an Email telling me I WON a scholarship to the conference!! Me and my friend Donna Frank (One of the best writers I know) AND AND AND THEN I find out that my friend Natalie Spera, Miss "Stories For His Glory" (Web site coming soon..) WAS ALREADY GOING!!!

It gets better... Natalie tells Donna and I that we can SHARE HER MOTEL AND RENTAL CAR!!!

Today I purchased my airline tickets and I cried. I really couldn't believe I was going to a conference for writers, artist, communicators of the greatest story ever told. I get to soak up teachings by Donald Miller!!!! THE Blue Like Jazz guy!! I get to hear from John Acuff, the Author of "Stuff Christians Like" one of my favorite blogs and Mike Foster, the founder of Junky Car Club (that we are a member of) and XXX Church. I Love his blog too!!

AND Carols Whittaker will also be there so I fully intend to finally meet Mr. Ragamuffin Soul too.

Seriously, I am still pinching myself. CUZ I am also planning on meeting up with one of my heroes, Carolyn Twittemyer, founder of Project Hopeful, my blog friend, Melinda Devanouge, and an old friend from my childhood, Arianna!

God knows what we need, He knows how to fill us up. When we need a get away, a "retreat" a refresher. I'm excited about every facet of this trip from the flight by myself, where I will read and be silent, hopefully :-) to the time with two of the most amazing women I know, Donna and Natalie are PURE GOLD!! And I get to hang out with them for three days! To the conference, meeting up with old and new friends, meeting blog heroes, learning, learning, learning. Ugh! I am completely overwhelmed with gratitude for this trip!! Thank you Jesus for making a way for me to go and thank you Dean for being the best husband in the world!


Erin Moore said…
So excited for you Carole. I have to think that God is sitting back smiling at you, as we do when our children open up gifts at Christmas.
Archie Mck said…
Awesome! Congrats Carole!!

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