Round Table Discussion: Adopting Older Children and Transracial Adoption.

In conjunction with His Hearts for Orphans, the Adoption ministry of Healing Place church. We will be conducting a round table discussion: Adopting Older Children and Transracial Adoption.

The discussion will be held on Sunday, September 20th, 6pm, at my home.

The purpose of this round table is to have an open, honest discussion concerning the issues faced when adopting older children and/or children of another race. We hope to equip and encourage people that are considering such adoptions and also offer support and community to people who already have.

We are also accepting anonymous questions before the round table which we will read and answer at the discussion and also here on the blog. No question is off limits. You can leave them in the comments or e mail them to me at Even if you send it from your e-mail address, I will make sure to keep them anonymous.

We hope to learn from each other during these discussions and we pray it will be a sourse of strength for us all as we walk in the great and wonderful calling to adopt orphans into our families...these children are such a gift.

Contact me at for more information or to submit an anonymous question.


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