We are home..

It was a great vacation.

We got home last night at 3am.

I will resume normal blogging tomorrow. For now, enjoy the last few pics from the trip...

Steele hanging back on the shore while Abel eagerly goes in with Pappa and Megan and Evangeline head out to body surf the waves.


Gary and Dean..

You know you all wish your brother was as cool as mine. That's him jumping off a swamp buggy that came up to us while in the dirt hole. The guy driving it was drooling over Joe's extreamly cool mud truck.

Me with my boys and Lulu the dog attacking my head on the couch..

The kids at the park near the beach..

Bowling with MeMe. Thanks Glenda (Meme) for the games, toys and fun, the kids really enjoyed it all)

My sweet kids!!!

Me and my sister in 1968 (she is the one in the pig tails) Thanks Donna for the lip gloss, and the fun at Karaokee. Your the best.


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