Servolution weekend

Saturday was a day of ball games, all three kids had games. This was Abel's first time ever playing baseball. He kept saying "mom, you watch?" and I would of course say yes. The entire game he kept looking to make sure I was there..watching. He caught a ball and got a kid out on first base!!

Dean runs the concession stand at the HPAC and the boys did a little servolution by helping load Cokes into these big blue tubs AND they put ice on the cans.

Then today at the Dream Center we had a pic-nic for the community and we had TONS of volunteers come from the Highland Campus to help. The service and the pic nic were amazing!

My little serve kids..

These are a few of the ladies of Winbourne Baptist Church. They joined us for service and lunch. Next Sunday, on Easter, we will join them at their normal 10am service. I love that we share a building with these amazing people.

And this is my favorite picture of the day. My boys, fresh from a hard day of work (not really, they made crafts, ate candy and hunted Easter eggs :-) in their SERVE shirts...I'm starting them young :-)


Erin Moore said…
so sweet! I love that last picture too!

I also love that Abel wanted you to watch him play - that's the best!

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