Going to Mozambique and Swaziland Africa

See that little red dot on the map? That's Swaziland Africa. It's a very small country but it has the world’s highest adult HIV prevalence rate of 26.1%. AIDS has devastated the ‘tiny Kingdom’. Average life expectancy has dropped from 57 to just 31 years of age,

there are 56,000 orphaned children

and 10,000 adults and children died from AIDS in 2007 alone.

Mozambique is the country right above Swaziland. The prevalence of HIV/AIDS there is high, which has resulted in a low life expectancy and high infant mortality and death rates. But a bigger issue for Mozambique is poverty.

Organizations like Children's Hope Chest and Children's Cup have established "Care Points" in these countries to meet the,medical, education, and spiritual needs of the people.

These care points also provide thousands of meals every day to children and adults who would otherwise not eat at all.

My church, Healing Place, has a campus in both Swaziland and Mozambique and both Campuses are partners with several Care Points through Children's Cup.

Evangeline and I will be going to Care Points, Orphanages and helping with a Vacation Bible school at both the Swaziland Healing Place Church campus and the Mozambique campus. July 21st - 31st.

Please click on this link to read all about HPC Swaziland


and then this link to read the HPC Mozambique Pastor Issac Williams blog.


and here to read about Children's Cup Care Points


And please pray about supporting Evangeline and I financially to go on this trip.

We have raised $1200.00 of our total due which is $7600.00.

You can use pay-pal to donate by clicking on the "Chip In" Widget in the top of my side bar on this blog.

And we are still selling coffee if you want to order some. $4.00 of each bag sold goes toward our trip.

Click this link to see coffee options.



We need to turn in a total of $4000.00 by the end of April.

For everyone that has donated, thank you so much!! I know it's not an easy thing to do in this hard economic time but I also know God will bless you.

And we deeply appreciate prayers as we plan for this trip.

God bless you all!

Carole and Evangeline


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