Youth night and a block party

Last night we had our first BRDC youth group, outreach party, complete with Nacho's, some Hip Hop music, both pepper and Pig lip eating contest, a talent show, an appearance by LSU football star, Charles Scott and some Nacho Libre wanna-be's showing off their wresting skills. You know, the stuff Teenagers dig!

Matt servin up some Pig Lips for the Pig Lip eating contest..

Pastor Craig and Randy the rapper bringing the funk with an original song they both wrote.

Then today we had a great block party!

It's been a busy two days, and it aint slowing yet so I'm off to rest for a minute and drink a cup of coffee.


Okay, so I'm totally jealous that I didnt get to do the Block Party or Youth Night, b/c I know Dyl/Ash would've loved it, but we had some other stuff going on. Thanks for sharing all the pictures.

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