Tighten up!!

Keep falsehood and lies far from me; give me neither poverty nor riches but give me only my daily bread, otherwise I may have to much and disown you and say 'who is the lord?' or I may become poor and steal, and so dishonor the name of God.
Proverbs 30:8-9

A few ways were cutting back;

Last week we resolved to cut back on the after church lunch. You know on Sunday, going to eat as a group after church. It's a great time of fellowship, usually with the Reverend Boutte, First Lady and others. I love it, but it now cost us about $60.00 to do that. $60.00 is a lot when I can put on a Roast before church that cost about $10.00, or a pot of rice and beans for way less then that. We already stopped going out to eat on the week nights but now we gotta work on the weekend eating out.

We are gonna try to have everyone over to our house to eat on Sunday's a couple times a month and save the going to a restaurant for maybe once a month or so.

Also, hair. Yea, getting my hair cut is expensive. $40.00 every 8 weeks is just not doable anymore. I have resolved to only get it cut two or maybe three times a year now. (Ya'll thought I was a Hippy before, look out for the lion mane!)

As far as hair products, cleansers and makeup, I have started using Oil of Olay moisturizer instead of the much more expensive Mary Kay but I do still use my Mary Kay cleanser, and still the Paul Mitchel hair care products, simply because I have sissy hair. When I use cheap hair products, especially if I'm only getting my hair cut once or twic a year, it becomes a crazy brillo pad of friz (frizzy lion mane)

And back to cooking at home. I often times say a little "thanks Grandma" when I'm in the kitchen because my grandmother was raised during the depression and she taught us by example how to cook with very little and how to create new dishes from left overs. "Depression Era cooking", now I make soup from left over chicken breast and rice and I often times create someting fantastic from random stuff in the fridge and pantry.

In times like these, economically, we tighten our belts because the economy stinks worse then ever in our life time but also and equal for our family, we tighten up because others don't have and they need and as Christians we are called to help them.

Groups like Children's Cup, World Vision, Watoto, Mocha Club, Children's Hope Chest, many others and our very own Baton Rouge Dream Center-HPC campus is helping the lost, hurting, hungry, naked, to find what they need, and so, we feel we must financially help these organizations.

The cool thing is, if we need shoes, we can buy a pair from TOMS, where for every pair we buy, they give a child in an impoverished country a pair of shoes. Or buy a product (RED) item at Gap and provide funds to help alleviate AIDS around the world or Coffee from Saints Coffee to help farmers earn a fair wage. There are now many retailers, and organizations offering a product to buy while at the same time helping people in need.

I challenge everyone to scarifies something this month, a manicure, a hair cut, a meal out and send it to a group like the ones I mentioned so that they can help the ones way less fortunate then us. Go help yourself at a Dream Center, soup kitchen, Foster home, or a homeless outreach. Do it and watch what God does for you. He takes care of his children.


Anonymous said…
Mom use to keep her pantry stocked with canned goods. She would get very upset if she didn't have her pantry full. That is from the depression when she hardly had any food. We have not seen it this bad in my life time, and I am 60 years old. It will take some getting use to for our greedy fat and lazy generation. We haven't even seen the worse to come. I think this depression will be good for us in the long run, but it is going to hurt for awhile, so batten down the hatches, stock up on food,save your money. It is going to be a wild ride.
Erin Moore said…
We could all tighten up.

Have you read this article yet? I think you'll love it (like I do):


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