Right Continent, Wrong Country

Things have changed. I want to go back to Ethiopia this summer, I want to take Evangeline, go with the Mocha Club and work with the Orphan's there BUT it's just not what we are supposed to do.

When I planned this trip, I asked for closed doors if it wasn't what he wanted. I mean, we are going to represent Him so if the timing, place, whatever isn't right, then I don't want to do it. Well, we did get an extension on the money due date so it's not a closed door in that way but the more I prayed about it and thought about it, I wasn't at peace. I was trying to make what I wanted happen. I just knew it wasn't really our trip. That little nudge, that small solid voice that cuts you right in the breath, yea, God.

So, I prayed, E prayed, and we feel we got our answer. We are still going to go to Africa but NOW we are trying to raise money to go with our church, Healing Place, the children's ministry, to Mozambique Africa to work with the kids ministry there.

We will get to visit orphanages, and Children's Cup Care points and many of the kids we will be doing a Vacation Bible School with that week are Orphans and/or vulnerable children.

Dean feels like this is the trip we should go on. Evangeline and I do too. AND most importantly I have the peace of God about this.

SO, to all who have donated for us to go to Ethiopia, let me know if your not OK with it going toward Mozambique and I will get your money back to you. If you are cool with it, THANK YOU!! Thank you for your support of us going to help Orphans, where ever they are. Thank you for sending us, and understanding the change. You are all so great.

The cost of this trip to Mozambique is more expensive, so we have far to go in our fund raising, but I feel very encouraged that God will provide.


Anderson Crew said…
When is your trip? How much do you have to raise!?

Ayannah (5 years old) said "good thing she had her listening ears on! or she would have ended up in the wrong place!"
Erin Moore said…
...more than cool with it Sistah!
Elysa said…
Good to hear it! Isn't God amazing? And husbands, too? ;)

If you think about it, pray for us. There's a chance a cool trip might be coming up that would be a great match for me and hubby to go to Swaziland. Pray that if this is the one we should go on, that doors will open such as the timing of it. Jim has the kind of job and position that requires a few out of state trips a year and they are not things he can reschedule or miss.

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