Conversations from today

First thing this morning Steele told me that Abel had peed on the toilet seat, then Abel protested, said it wasn't him. I told him he had to wipe it off if he peep on it. He got mad and said he didn't do it and started crying.

Then Steele said "no mom, it wasn't Abel, someone else did it"
Me-"Did you do it Steele?"
Steele-"No!But it wasn't Abel"

I actually knew it was Abel because no one else, including Steele had been in there. BUT I do believe that Abel didn't realize he did it. The great thing about all this was that Steele at first wanted me to know that Abel had done it but then when Abel started crying and got mad, Steele didn't want Abel to get in trouble for it.

I saw love and hurt in Steele's eyes. It hurt him that Abel was sad.

Him and Steele really do act like they have always been brothers. Abel will dazzle with a kick of the soccer ball and Steele will have to try and top him. Steele will do a killer round off and Abel has to show us his Cart Wheel. They fight, they play. Normal life with boys and I am really loving it.

And what more could boys ask for in a sister? Evangeline bakes for them, lets them sleep in her room (sometime), plays with them and is just so in love with them.

Steele has long since known what a great sissy he has, now Abel is realizing what he has as well.

This afternoon we were on the way to the Dream Center to work at the After School program.

Abel said from the back seat, "mom, we go to drusilla?"

me-"What? Drusilla? No.

Abel-"I thought you say we go to Drusilla"

I look at Evangeline and Steele who for some reason can understand Abel's "English" way better then me and I ask them
"what is he saying?"

and they both tell me, "Dream-center"

He was saying "Dream Center" it just sound like Drusilla.


Erin Moore said…
That's the best!!

I'm so glad we can trust God to handle the details. He doesn't call us to something and then turn His back on us.

He is so good! I am so glad there is so much love and cohesion in your family!
Erin Moore said…
Where is Abel's shirt from, I love it!

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