THE Beach!!

Pappa helping the boys make a sand castle..

fun in the sun and a new friend whom the boys met at the beach. He was very cute and sweet and had seriously adorable plumbers butt issues..

Abel enjoying the water. He kept saying "I love the water mom. I love it"

Yea baby!! Dancin' in the waves! And FYI, those are NOT Steele's nipples! Excuse the crudeness, but look closely, those are "Cars" tattoo's ON HIS NIPPLES!! Yes, his sister did it, at his request of course, she put several tattoo's on the boys for the trip to the beach... But I felt the need to explain..I'll leave it at that.

Watch out David Hasslehoff!! (Again, the "Cars" Nipples)

Dean and I, the very white parents..tan daughter Olea Steele and chocolate Abel...

Mom and I relaxing on the beach.

more pictures are on my Facebook, search for "Carole Smith Turner"


Anonymous said…
Okay, that really is some adorable plumber's butt. And they all look so happy and Abel looks great! How fun. Thanks for sharing!

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