My husband Dean works for Coca Cola here in Baton Rouge. Before most LSU home games Coke has a big tail gate party where they invite local vendors, visiting executives, etc. Dean works this party for extra money. He usually tells people we know to come by the tent if they are going to the game and get a coke and/or some food.

One Saturday Jason Laird who is the Student Ministries pastor at Healing Place Church and his wife Jennifer came by the tail gate party with some other Refuge leaders. They visited with Dean for a bit, got a Coke, had some food and hung out.

When it got close to time for the game to start, Dean started to shut down the party and clean up. Jason and his crew saw Dean cleaning up and without even being asked they started breaking down tables and picking up trash!

Dean's boss came over to him and said "Dean, who are your friends? Dang, they done got it all cleaned up!" Dean replied "they are my church people"

THAT is SERVOLUTION! Helping out, anywhere, anytime. Preferring your fellow man even when it's not an event, when you think no one is watching and it would be easier to NOT help.

Like in this instance, an unsaved person was watching and in that unexpected moment he got a glimpse of Jesus. To Jason and the people he leads, serving others is a way of life. Looking for ways to show LOVE and kindness.

Who knows the seeds we plant when we just decide to act as Jesus would?


Jodi Lyn said…
the HS uses you alot to convict me...and yet in this season of my life, everything is so much harder, even making it to church tends to be an ordeal. Thanks Carol for always telling the TRUTH!
Jesus never said serve when its convenient...

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