International Adoption Stats

The number of children adopted internationally is dropping. While the number of Orphans has increased. In fact, the number of children adopted internationally fell 12% in the last year. Some countries, like China, have tighter restrictions on adoption and are experiencing a boom in their domestic adoption. Other countries, like Guatemala, have come under close scrutiny and have had their programs stopped or slowed for evaluation. Last year’s US international adoption numbers were 17,438.

Here are the top ten countries for US international adoptions in 2008:

Guatemala 4,123 (down from 4728 in 2007)

China 3,909 (down from 5453 in 2007)

Russia 1,861 (down from 2,310 in 2007)

Ethiopia 1, 725 (up from 1,255 in 2007)

Korea 1,065

Vietnam 751

Ukraine 457

Kazakhstan 380

India 307

Colombia 306

You can get more inter-country adoption information at the US Department of State’s web-site for adoption.

I took this from my friend Rosie's blog. She adopted baby Abram and was part of our group who traveled to get our kids in Ethiopia.


Carey said…
China was such a big one and the wait is now so long I'm sure that's influenced the stats. For example, our friends log in date for China was about the same date as ours, in January of 2007. They are still waiting, and could easily wait another year. We'll have 2 adoptions in before they have one...even tho we started at the same time. There are lot of families out there waiting for their China babies to come home.

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