I'm sick of..

hearing about Botox, plastic surgery, weight loss, self, self, self.

Lies, everywhere, from The guy who wrote the Healer song to Holocaust survivor love stories. Lies, all for fame and money.

CEO's of the American auto industry asking for another bail out. Seriously, I do not remember a time in my life when we were not bailing out the American auto industry!

24 hour news channels. They have to make up crap and sensationalize stuff to have that much news and they do, and it's sickening.

Pastors setting the example of love of money instead of love of God and then our neighbor. So few, so very few, live on less to give more, that they are considered radical, even to Christians.

Mean Christians. Stop being a jerk.

Me, myself and I. I am sick of so much about me. Cuz' no matter how many other things I find to be sick about around me, there is more inside me that I need to change.


Erin Moore said…
I'm sick of all those things too (though I haven't actually watched or read the news in many many years)...except for you. I'm not sick of you. You are passionate about helping others and that is beautiful. We all have sin, Carole. I think we can work at getting the log out AND be sick of corruption at the same time.

You are made in the image of the Holy One, so I think it's okay to love yourself, as long as you remember to put God and others first.

I know I can get wound up about my own sin and selfishness too - but the only cure for that is to change, and that kind of change only comes from Him. Being sick of ourselves, I think, is just another way for the devil to distract us from loving and helping others. I think the key is to focus on others and let God change us.

I love your passion and I can relate to so, so, much of what you say!
Carole Turner said…
Very true Erin. I do get distracted with how much I want to change about myself. I just have to focus on Him and what he has for me to do and let Him work in me. Thanks.
Anonymous said…
I agree with you. But I kinda wish I could allow myself to get botox. I'm just sayin...you know I never will.
Jodi Lyn said…
Well, I think God made you the way you are for His purposes! I love your passion! I hope He changes me through your sharing and letting others in, when we pretend to be "all that" it doesn't help anyone! You don't do that, and that's one of the things I love about you!
Brooke said…
Thanks for this.
Sick of me too. :)

Enjoyed reading your blog.

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