$7.00 a month goes a really long way

$7.00 a month is all it cost to help care for Orphans in Ethiopia through the Mocha Club. Click on this link

Team Abel

to join our Mocha Club team.

What is $7.00 to us? A combo at McDonald's? One or at best two coffee drinks?

I have seen the poverty, the street children, the hopelessness. It's still messing me up so bad I can't even really put it into words. The children need us. Forget your thoughts about corrupt politicians, cycles of poverty, whatever your American mind tells you causes this. We know nothing of Africa and what the children suffer, nothing. BUT we can help. It's not even a sacrifice to help them eat, have a roof over their heads, get an education, the stuff we take for granted.

Did you know you can sponsor an entire Orphanage for only $5000.00 a year through Children's Hope Chest? That little bit of money provides an education, social skills training for former street kids, food, shelter, and hope for the future through bible training.

And like I said before, you can join Team Abel for only $7.00 a month through Mocha Club. Please just click on the link and check them out. Pray for God to show you what you can do.

God bless you!


Erin Moore said…
Wow, $7 is so impactful!

I am traveling to Eth in April with Children's Hopechest and am praying that I'll be able to bring their model of church to orphanage sponsorship (community to community) to my church. Please join me in this prayer! Our church is EBC and my hope is that our church body will come together to participate in sponsoring the sweet children of Ethiopia!


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