25 Random things..

I posted this on Facebook after 700 people sent it to me to do!

My friend Bradley had the funniest "25 things..", and he actually came up with 50!

So, since the 700 people on Facebook "tagged" me with this, I thought the peeps who read my blog may feel a desperate need to know these random, extremely important facts about me as well..

Yea, I'm being sarcastic :-)

All in good fun.

1. I love Coffee, black and sweet, like I like my boys.
2. I always want to be barefooted, yes, I am a hobbit.
3. I love painted toes and finger nails but I aint paying someone to do it.
4. I have argued with everyone I care deeply about, your welcome.
5. I wanted to be a famous singer growing up.
6. When I'm sad I eat cake Icing
7. Over used words aggravate the tar out if me. I want to retire them forever.
8. I love sideburs on men and a trench coat
9. I have two tattoo's but want more
10. I hate romance novels
11. I hate overhead lighting, I'm a lamp person.
12. I like to quote CS Lewis, JRR Tolkien and Lord of the Rings,a lot.
13. I am a fabulous dancer!
14. I prefer Red wine over White
15. I think my husband is extremely hot and sexy
16. I wish I could live in Africa, forgo makeup, bath occasionally, wear an ankle bracelet an have 20 adopted kids running around.
17. My favorite TV show is LOST, then 30 Rock n the Office. That's all the TV I watch.
18. I was arrested several times protesting outside of Abortion clinics.
19. My first tattoo means Feather Iron but that's not what I thought I was getting, I thought it was the symbols for the number 47 in Sindaran, one of the Elvish languages from Lord of the Rings.
20. I hate math
21. I can't spell
22. I don't have a Uterus
23. I really do love working in the inner city.
24. I can't stand it when drivers wont use the entire on ramp lane when merging into traffic on the interstate. Leaving everyone behind them waiting for them to get over when all they had to do was drive to the end of the merge lane before attempting to do that. THAT'S WHY IT'S THERE! GO TO THE END THEN MERGE!
25. I've been arrested for unpaid traffic tickets.


Erin Moore said…
You are my long lost soul sister!

Here's why:
#1 - minus the coffee
#3 - minus the fingernails and I will pay someone to paint my toes - but probably not for much longer because $30 can feed 6 orphans for a month.
#15 (only my husband)
#17 minus LOST
#20 - yet oddly, my profession requires me to work with dollar figures and mess with people's compensation, so don't tell anyone.
Anonymous said…
Amazing list Mrs. Carole, i had no idea you've been arrested so many times lol.
Archie Mck said…
I agree with Bradley, I didn't know you had a prison ministry as well ;-)

Keep on being amazing Carole,

"All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost."

Great authors!

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