Three weeks...

I can't believe it, I am so nervous and scared.

Three weeks from tomorrow I will be on a plane to Ethiopia, I try to imagine what it will be like but I really can't.

This is crazy unfamiliar territory for me. I have never been anywhere, except I did cross over the border into Mexico to shop one time when I was at a wedding in McAllen Texas. That's it, I've never been past Texas even in the United States.

SO, flying for 19 hours to Ethiopia is freaking me out!

But THAT is mild compared to the freak out I feel about meeting our new son. Our agency has done a great job of preparing us for everything but it is still very unknown.

I know he will be sad to leave the care givers he has grown to love this last year and a half.

I know we wont be able to understand each other very well since he knows minimal English and we have yet to master any real Amharic.

I know he will be scared to death of the flight since he comes from a village that had no cars.

BUT I know I have prayed, and will continue to pray for God to help us every step of the way.

There is no knowledge here to rest on. This new season brings brand new challenges that we have NO IDEA how to handle..

Thank God HE does and I truly believe that as long as we seek Him, he will guide our actions. Otherwise we could really screw this kid up!

Yea, I worry about all that. Just like with all our children. "don't crush his him in the love of Christ..let her be who God wants her to be..don't yell.. don't say negative things..etc"

I hear all that and more with Steele and Evangeline and now with Abel there will be even more.

I know we are not doing him any favors, he is God's plan for our family just like Steele and Evangeline are.

This will stretch the heck out of us. Good, we need it.

So please pray for us. Pray for the last little bit of funds we need for travel. We have our plane tickets but that took all our grant money so we are trusting God will provide the rest.

Our representative at our agency sent this E-mail to us this morning, I couldn't have said it better myself..

Can you stand it? You are FINALLY going to get your newest family member! What a feeling, what excitement, what terror, what anticipation, what a great time in your lives! Anybody feel like they might need a brown paper bag? ;-)


Archie Mck said…
Prayers for sure. Your thoughts here are amazing, honest, humble, and loving. Thanks Carole
HerstoryGirl said…
I'm soooooooooo excited for you!!

Heck, I'm feeling butterflies for you! I know you must be overwhelmed & full of joy.
What a wonderful gift this is... better than any present under a tree. :)
Anonymous said…
I feel the same way Carole. How can this be real?? How can it work out?? What will the kid(s) feel like????

Praying for sweet travel, and everything involved. The Lord will bless ALL of you.

Abel is AWESOME. Testimony from someone who's witnessed him on video!

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