Home from Ethiopia!!

Abel. Kinda sad and confused after we all met for the first time..

Dean and Abel playing with some matchbox cars just a few minutes later..

Us a few hours later outside the Zebra Grill..

Abel having fun with the camera..

Yurad who is deaf,and Issac who also is deaf and lived on the streets for a couple years, having fun with Abel.

All of the families we traveled with and their kids..

Abel doing his Uncle Pat imitation (inside joke that some will get :-)

Abel in his Ethiopian flag hat and scarf and me in my traditional Ethiopian dress..

Dad and Abel having fun..

The kids with Tigest, who did a traditional coffee ceremony for us at the Guest House.

Abel and Tes just before separating at the DC airport today. Good friends who both are from Tigray and speak the same language and loved each other.

Steele Abel and E at the New Orleans airport.

Steele and Abel tonight in the bath tub.

Tes, Abel, Yurad and Issac, orphans no more!!!!!!!


Elysa said…
Okay...I was fine til that last line...

"orphans no more!!!!" then there came the tears.

I am so happy for y'all.

Anonymous said…
Holy Cow. My kids are there! Thanks for posting photos, and emailing me tonight. Abel is HOME. Prayers are answered and GOD is GOOD. Blessings on your family.
HerstoryGirl said…
Ditto Elysa!

What a wonderful experience... I am SO happy for you all; I can't imagine the emotions you are feeling right now. I am only on the periphery of this whole experience and I am about to bust with joy!

And you definitely need to wear that Ethiopian dress to church on Sunday! That is beautiful!!

Welcome Home!
Anonymous said…
Gee whiz. You've got me sobbing, Carole. I am SO overcome with joy for you and your family. What an incredible blessing... I'm looking forward to seeing how Abel adjusts to life in Louisiana & how y'all adjust to finally being able to hold this child that you've waited so patiently for. I can't tell you how much your adoption journey has impacted me. I'm praying for you, Dean, E, Steele & Abel as y'all become a family of 5. God bless you as you begin your grand adventure!
Cindy said…
Welcome home! You have a beautiful family! Congratulations!
Well, the day has finally come. God bless your family!
Anonymous said…
WELCOME HOME!!!! I'm so glad precious boy is home! Can't wait to talk to you.
Love, Ammye
Joyce said…
Loved what you said "Orphans no more."
You all have had a powerful journey.
I'm so glad Abel is home.
Seeing the photo of him and the kids and especially the one of him and Steele in the tub made it "sink in" for me.
He's really here now!
AdoptedAsHisOwn said…
Erin Moore said…
I just found your blog and feel so blessed to share in this awesome experience with you! ...I will keep you and Abel in my prayers...look forward to hearing more about your first week home!


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