Boutique at the BRDC

This is the Boutique at the BRDC...

And THIS is the room full of donated clothes that still need to be sorted!

Yes, It's stacked almost to the ceiling with wonderful donated clothing, diapers, shoes and more!

We need help sorting and organizing these clothes on Wednesday's and Friday's from 9:00am till noon.

This is an ongoing serving opportunity because we always have more clothes donated.

Our Life Skills classes will be starting on Fridays in February and the Boutique will be open to those who attend.

If you would like to help for an hour, two hours, four hours, once a week, once a month, whatever you can, that would be great. You can contact Jennifer Maggio at 225-773-1183 or by e-mail at



Evangeline and Derick showing Just how high the pile is..

Steele sitting high on the pile!


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