When do you wear your Spanx?

Pastor Reverend Bouttee, Melvin, Me, Allen, Jennifer and Charity, talking about our hopes and dreams for the future of the Dream Center and our favorite memories of 2008.

I sing back-up for worship every Sunday at the BRDC. I should always wear my Spanx, especially when I'm on stage, but I hardly ever do.

When Dean and I were interviewed by pastor Dino a few months back onstage at the Highland Campus I didn't think I needed to wear my Spanx.. I got to see the video a few days later and WOW did I regret NOT wearing the spanx that day.

So when First Lady Boutte called me last night and told me that today, Reverend Bouttee would have me onstage as part of a panel, I KNEW I would not make the same mistake again, I wore my Spanx.

My hips still almost took over the stage but at least I was able to somewhat tame the beast around the middle with the magical, wonderful, best friend of the post hysterectomy-don't want to work out-want to paint and write and make picture slide shows-41 year old mom, SPANX!!!

Yes, I'm shallow and need therapy..

Rock on!!

"Did she just say crap?"


Anonymous said…
Well if you need therapy for putting on Spanx, then you are in great company. Millions of celebs are singing the praises of Spanx.
Lesley said…

You crack me up with the caption under that picture!! LOL!!

Oh, and for the record...I think you always look great! Hmmmmm now you have me wanting some SPANX!!
Anonymous said…
I would definitely wear spanx onstage. I liked Kay Lynn's body spanx on her wedding day. You look great by the way.
Elin said…
Between my Spanx and my new favorite find, Slimpressions, I could be accused of false advertising! Have you seen these? I LOVE Slimpressions. I found them at Intimacy in Atlanta when I was there last. They slim my midriff, back fat and arm flab! My new favorite layering piece. I wish I had bought more there but herroom.com has them too (free shipping)

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