Midnight Outreach with Flower Dust

Tonight I got to meet and hang out with Anne Jackson, AKA Flower Dust. First we went to dinner (thanks Dan and Vicki for inviting us) then we all did Midnight Outreach. The strip clubs were busy but with it being so cold, the streets were not. But we still got to go to a couple clubs and Anne got to visit with Mrs. Luella and her motel room full of kids and a dog at the Alamo.

Funny story, Dean always wants to give the ladies working at the Waffle House a Rose but usually by the time we get by there we have given them all out. Tonight we had two Roses left and Dean said he just knew there was only two ladies working at the Waffle House ( he was joking) so we should stop and give them the last two roses. So we stopped by and saw that there was actually three ladies working, I ran back to the shuttle to grab chocolate for the other lady and what did I find laying on the floor of the shuttle? a Third rose! Perfectly intact, so tonight, all the ladies working at the Waffle House got a rose!

Thanks for coming to Baton Rouge Anne. You were a joy to be around and get to know a little bit better...Till we meet again..Blog on Sista!


I love it. I absolutely love it.
HerstoryGirl said…
Loved meeting Anne! Hope we didn't wear her out too much! LOL
Last night was awesome. =)
Elysa said…
Three roses? Three Waffle House ladies? Definitely sounds like a God thing to me! :)

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