Lil Stinky E meets Flower Dust

This is a post from Evangeline's Blog. She got to hang out with Anne Jackson (Flower Dust) this morning...

This is Anne Jackson, or Flower Dust, her blog is famous and she has written a book about Church called Mad Church Disease that will come out in February. She came to Homeless breakfast this morning and helped serve the food.

Some of our homeless peeps..

Mrs. Anne praying with the group, right after she had gotten there. She did really good.

Mr. Eric and Mr. Dan doing what they always do..text..

And this is us down by the Levee praying with Joe-bob and Phil, after we gave out some food.

It went really well. I had a great time with Mrs. Anne and I hope she will come back again. I did get freaked out by a weird Homeless guy talking to me this morning, but Mrs. Anne and Tori protected me.


Unknown said…
looks like an amazing experience

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