Goodbye to 2008

Over 600 blog post published this year..

(At least 50 unpublished..maybe I will put them out there one day.)

Here are just a few highlights from the year, blog addict style, Click and enjoy...

January 17th - Our first post about moving forward on adopting Abel

January 18th- E's first day cooking and serving Homeless Breakfast

February 15th- Midnight outreach in New Orleans

February 18th-We saw our first video of Abel

March 9th- Stink Fest begins... by March 29th it wasn't always fun.. but we made it fun..

April 27th- First Sunday service at the Baton Rouge Dream Center

May25th- Elevate Internship ends! My first Graduation!

June 24th- Life in the Wait gets hard..

July 21st- Dean goes to Swaziland Africa

September 1st- Hurricane Gustav Hits us

October 17th- Last Friday Thrive Meeting

October 23rd- I dare to ask for Grace in Politics

November 15th- Reading Outreach to the Kids living at the Alamo Hotel Starts

December 5th- Midnight Outreach with Anne Jackson

December 11th- FINALLY passed Court and Officially became Abel's parents

December 25th- Homeless Christmas Outreach

2008's Images of Family

SNOW in the Bayou!!!

Ah, life is good!

14 years ago..

A Good Man

Fun in Deep Water

Mom's 60th Birthday Bash

Being a story teller for HIS glory..

Eric Doucet meet Nathanal..

From the Alamo to the BRDC



Humorous post...

Lady Like, My version vs Church Version

Random Responses to Readers Questions

10 Things I'm not Afraid to Admit about Myself

Deep Stuff..

The Plight of Orphans in Africa

The First Time I walked into a Strip Club I knew I was Doing the Right Thing

How God led Us to Adopt

Ah the always fun Politics..

The day After

The day after Posting "The Day After"

Favorite You Tube clips..

Every thing's Amazing and Nobodies Happy

Tyler Perry Prayer

Books that changed my life...

There is no Me Without You

What's so Amazing about Grace

Left to Tell

Movies that Changed my life..

God Grew Tired of Us

Boys of Baraka

Music that touched me this year..

Dont Waste Your Life- Lecrae


Everyday You Save My Life-Rascal Flats

From Where you are-Life House

So we say good buy to "The year of perpetual countdowns" as I liked to call it. It was a good year, hard and painful but also fun, adventurous and amazingly wonderful!

This season is ending, a new child arrives in four weeks, all that is now will change. We ready our hearts, minds and soul for what is to come and we know GOD is in control. We love Him, trust Him and ask him for daily bread...

Live life for Him, you won't regret it!!!

Have an amazing 2009 and remember to ROCK ON!!!!!


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