I watched a very sad yet encouraging video today about adopting Orphans with AIDS. It was so moving. I would do it, maybe we will one day..

Tonight was the Christmas party for HP Woman, it was fun. I love that I am so NOT Fru-fru, I'd rather Sting then Bling and tattoo's over pedicures but it takes all kinds to make up a women's ministry. We're all bundles of hormones, needing work till we are dead and I love that all kinds are in the HPC family of women...

We had a major roof leak at the Dream Center yesterday morning in the recreation room where we have Children's Church. The rain and a tarp getting moved by wind made for two stories of mess! But what's so cool is how everyone gets together and just starts cleaning up so kids can have church. I get to do life with THE most amazing people..

I made our Christmas cards today. God gave me a great idea. I was able to include ALL our children, even A, and the "Help The Orphans" hats. I can't wait to send them out. I also can't wait until I can post his name and pictures of him on here. I am pretty sure that after our case clears court, (which our third court date is December 15th,) then he's ours legally so I can post pictures and his name then.(The reason we can't travel on the court date is because we have to have an appointment to appear in front of the US Embassy before we can take him out of the country, that's why we wont travel until January).

Sometimes I get so sad still but God holds my heart and then it's all OK...

We are having a Christmas party here at our house on the 21st after church. We aren't going anywhere for the Holidays and we don't have any family coming into town so I figured we would have a get together with the people we love to be around, so all the Dream Center volunteers, staff and community friends are invited. Dean is going to fry a Turkey and everyone is bringing a dish. (If you are reading this and haven't gotten an e-mail invite and you volunteer at the DC, consider this your invite cuz' I may just not have your e-mail address)I think it will be fun...

I get to meet the famous Flower Dust this Thursday. I have read her blog for over two years, I feel like I know her but I know I actually don't at all. It's exciting and scary. She's going to Midnight outreach with us. Yes, I will blog A LOT and take lots of pictures...

Friday Dean and I are going to Atlanta for the weekend. Dean won the trip from Coca Cola. I really can't wait. He won this trip four years ago and we had a great time. We are even planning on attending Buckhead Church Sunday morning, and I hope to meet Carlos and Heather Whittaker ( and while we are there. I e-mailed them about meeting up but I haven't heard back from them... I think they may be kinda afraid of me, but I'm not a stalker really....Just don't ask any of my ex boyfriends....just kidding.

While E was doing her spelling words today, I learned a new word myself, "Capricious"

governed or characterized by caprice : impulsive, unpredictable.
Synonyms see inconstant.
— ca·pri·cious·ly adverb
— ca·pri·cious·ness noun

I was fascinated by that word. I had never heard it before. This post is very Capricious.



Carlos said…
We just suck at emailing. Can't wait to see you!!!!
Anne Jackson said…
can't wait to meet you! should i wear something in particular for MO? such a girl question i know.
Elysa said…
I remember the Whittakers from their trip to Africa last year. I loved reading their blog entries.

BTW, has anyone else pointed out that Heather looks enough like you to be your sister? Y'all are both beee-you-tee-ful!

Love you and praying that you have an amazingly awesome time! I pray that your heart will be ministered to as you continue to wait on your precious African son.


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