Do you prefer your saint's decaf or regular?

This is my new bag of Saint's coffee. It's smooth and when I buy it, most of the profit goes to the coffee farmer in Ethiopia who grew it (unlike when you buy a bag of Starbucks or MOST grocery story coffee). That makes drinking my favorite beverage in the world even more enjoyable. They also help Orphans,

This is from their web site...

Saint’s Coffee is a small-batch, micro-roaster offering specialty blends and unique varietals of Fair Trade Certified™ and organic coffees. But beyond being the freshest, finest, and fairest of them all—Saint’s Coffee is transforming the lives of orphaned children by investing over 1/3rd of net profits from every sale into organizations helping children.


I stole the write up below from Tom Davis' blog.

Be a Saint this Christmas

Saints Coffee is a Great Christmas Gift!It's that time of year when our minds turn toward giving gifts to those we love.

This year Saint's Coffee is offering several special coffee blends and Christmas packages for the holiday season. This reasonably priced, fair trade and organic coffee is among the top 3 percent of all coffee in the world. And when you drink are helping more than yourself. Saints Coffee has faithfully donated 1/3 of it's net profits back to Children's Hope Chest to help feed children in Swaziland.

Order a bag or box today for the coffee lover(s) in your life!


Anonymous said…

Armenian Christians share the Christian Quarter of Jerusalem with the Ethiopians we have many roots in common.  Armenia was the first Christian Nation in 301 AD, and one of our saints (Mesrop Mashdots- who actually developed our unique alphabet and language so we could read the bible ALSO developed the alphabet for the Ethiopians.  The Alphabets are both similar.  They have shared this with the Ethiopians and Koptics for Centuries.

In the 1920s, just after the Genocide of 1.5 million Christian Armenians at the hands of the Ottoman Empire.  There were many Armenian children left without parents, they were slaughtered in front of them and many  of the children were given to Kurds to sell or Armenians paid to have Kurds take their children to safety.  Some of the children were sold to moslems in Harems, house keepers, etc.,
But many were taken to an orphanage in Jerusalem, where 40 ARmenian orphans started a brass band.  The King of Ethiopia made a visit to Jerusalem and was entertained by the orchestra, he was saddened to learn they were orphans without a family.
The King of Ethiopia declared "I will adopt them all and they will be children of Ethiopia"
Armenians prospered in Ethiopia, with a beautiful church, they where business owners and wrote the first national anthym of Ethiopia called "Hail God to thee"
Because of many years of neighboring Moslem countries invading and cutting Ethiopia off economically, many of the educated ARmenians have left the country.

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