Baking at the "Shed" for Christmas Homeless Outreach

Today we started a new tradition, Baking at the Cooking for Christ "shed" on Christmas Eve. This "shed" as they all call it is located at our church, behind the offices. It's where Cooking for Christ creates all the Ghetto-Cajun goodness they are famously known for. SO it was a very cool honor to work in that kitchen making Muffins and Peppermint Bark cookies, from scratch, for Christmas Homeless outreach tomorrow morning. Paula and Glen Crowe, Julie, Vince, Steele, E and I have decided we want to use the "shed" for baking some sort of Christmas outreach goods, every Christmas Eve from now on.

E and Paula baking

We have PB&J w chips, Hygiene bags, and boxed lunches to give away to all the homeless that come to breakfast tomorrow.

Be at the abandoned UPT restaurant on Florida Blvd at 7:00am if you want to help bring Christmas to the Homeless.

Julie, Glen and Vince making PB&J

Steele and Julie making PB&J sandwiches

And this is me getting caught snagging a hot fresh muffin while loading them onto the tray...they were too hard to resist!



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