Ah, life is good....

Ok, first hit play on this player, just for fun..

For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) - AC/DC

"Look out Gene Simmons"

"Why is she taking a picture of me now? I'm trying to play a game!"

"Oh yea, that's original Carole, take a picture holding the camera up high while you kiss my cheek"

"What? I'm up side down!"

"do I look like a Super model?"

"Just a few more hits and I will have this fence knocked down"

"See the tooth I chipped break dancing?"

"Hey, when your old and have short hair you have to wear a sweater"

Rock on...we salute you!!


Elysa said…
My oldest son had to go for stitches when he was about 3 due to dancing with a blanket over his head and cracking his head open on the fireplace hearth. I can't say it was break dancing, though. Can you believe it was to music on the MY FAIR LADY video?

And folks think we Mississippi hicks have no culture!
Anonymous said…
Man I love me some AC/DC..have you heard their new album? I heard it's pretty good. And how come every kid chips one of their front teeth?? both my girls did it too!!

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