Africa in Atlanta

We are home and I am glad. Don't get me wrong, it was a great trip, I am so grateful for it but I was just ready to be home, in my bed, with my kids. I sure missed them. AND I was so happy to step out of the Baton Rouge Airport into warm weather!! Atlanta was stinkin' freezing!! All the time, COLD.

Honestly the free Starbucks every morning, amazing food, Aquarium, Coke World, Fan Fare, everything was great but the best part was meeting not one, not two but FIVE people from Africa!!! Three were from Ethiopia!! I found out that many were refuges that got off a plane in Atlanta, from a war torn country, and decided to go no further.

It was like God was telling me He had this whole adoption delay thing under control. He sent me several warm embraces and sweet comfort via Simera, Daniel, Amana, Kinyata and another Daniel. Hearing their accents, talking to them about Africa and especially the ones from Ethiopia, God blessed me with them all.

SO who's up for a trip to the Ethiopian restaurant in New Orleans? There isn't one here in Baton Rouge but I hear the one in N.O. is good.


Lesley said…
Count me in!! Going to dinner at an Ethiopian resturant sounds likea great experience. I absolutely LOVE learning about different cultures and people!

I'm ready when you just let me know!

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