The weekend that was...



The day consisted of Doctors visits, school work and going to the library, then that night we did Midnight Outreach. Both strip clubs had extra girls working due to the LSU Alabama game on Saturday so we gave away lots of Roses quick. The Alamo hotel, Bennies Bar and Hooters were all full of people too, again due to the game probably. It was a good night of sharing the love of Jesus one rose at a time. We got to bed around 1:00am.


We left the house at 10:00am heading to the LSU game but we didn't get to the Tail gate party until 12:15pm because of the traffic! We had a great time tail-gating with Coca Cola and then when the game started we headed to Karen's moms house to watch the game, which was a crazy time of cussing, yelling and coaching from the people in the house. There were extreme highs and lows while the score came in tight, then loosened, then tight again. A blocked punt that took us into over time caused ear piercing euphoria only to watch an interception clinch it for Bama. Insane but a fun game to watch.

Then we hit the bed and were all sleeping by 9:30pm.


We were at BRDC for 9:00am for worship team practice then volunteer meeting at 10:00am, worship warm up at 11:00am, sang at worship for service at noon, then when that was done I headed back to Kids church to help lead that worship and helped keep the kids in line during the service. All the while Dean is doing security (complete with Madonna headset and all) and E is helping serve food, do crafts, lead worship dance moves in kids church.

Two of the great kids of BRDC kids

After that we went to Kaylynn's wedding. Kaylynn is my dear friend Karen's sister. Kaylynn went through a nasty and very painful divorce several years back but last year she met a great guy and today they got married. I am so happy for her.

Here are some pictures from the wedding.

Kaylynn and SOME of her family..

And this is the ceremony, yes that is a woman officiating the wedding and yes that is Kandi, Karen's sister. She got certified to perform a wedding just for this one. Very cool. She did great! I'm gonna start calling her High Priestess Bishopett Kandi Jones.

And this is Dean and I. Notice that grey in his hair, I did that too him over the last 14 years since our glorious wedding ;-)

Finally tonight, I had to lead Book Club, It was just me and my friends Summer and Robin there, that's the only people who came. But it was a good meeting anyway.

I'm exhausted and my house is a complete mess! I will clean it tomorrow....maybe.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for putting in the pictures. We had quite a time dancing after yall left! I really wish you could have been there. See ya at Thanksgiving!

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