Thanksgiving Outreach at BRDC

Signs that I made for the event today and our lunch at BRDC tomorrow.

We had a great morning handing out bags of groceries to the community around the dream center.

We did it drive thru style, volunteers drove through a line, got their hams and bags of groceries and then delivered them to the families.

It really was freaky organized and flowed well.

ALSO, the members of the community that were just driving by were able to drive thru and get some free water, juice, nutrition bars.

E helping with Ham distribution..

The bags of groceries ready to go.

THEN a few of us got to go to Turner Plaza, which is an apartment complex for disabled and elderly in the inner city. We brought them bags of groceries, juice, water and snacks.

We came right as BINGO was starting in the Community center. It was cool to see and talk to the residence that were thrilled with the Thanksgiving goodies.

Can't wait for tomorrow. I love my church family. Love that God is adding to that family every day!


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